About Shotgun Wedding

Loree Loree of Loree Photography


My name is Lori Loree (yup…married into that name), and I’m the owner and Creative Director at Shotgun Wedding.

I’ve always believed that spending a small fortune on a wedding day wasn’t a smart move. I also had a tight-knit circle of 20 people that I wanted a part of my own ceremony 13 years ago and not 200 acquaintances. We’ve combined both those mantras into Shotgun Wedding….a beautiful, boujie wedding on a budget. Without the hassle and without throwing tens of thousands of dollars into the wind for one day.

We’ve taken all the work out of the equation for you. We supply the marriage commissioner, the location, and the photographer. We have add-ons like videography, and extra photo time as well. It’s all-inclusive and super easy.

We have an amazing team of photographers, coordinators, and officiants who love what they do!

Your marriage in the mountains shouldn’t cost a small fortune, but we all know that it usually will if you go the conventional route. We want to help you get married in one of the most beautiful places on earth, without the hefty price tag. The world is in a recession right now and keeping as much money in your pocket is the smart thing to do, and something we encourage at Shotgun Wedding.