Mountain Elopement Alberta || Amy & Ian

Sometimes the wind likes to blow in Southern Alberta. Hard. Amy and Ian traveled from Edmonton to be married at Lake Minnewanka. It was a gusty day.....so we had to include one funny photo of the umb...

December 30, 2021 / Wedding
moraine lake wedding packages

Moraine Lake Wedding Packages || Sherry & Randy

Sherry and Randy dated at 19. But, it wasn't meant to be and both went on their journey in life down separate paths. As luck would have it, 10 years ago they reconnected and that was it. They were to...

December 29, 2021 / Wedding
micro wedding packages alberta

Micro Wedding Packages Alberta || Kaitlyn & Levi

Kaitlyn, Levi, their baby girl, and just a handful of people came to Lake Minnewanka for a perfect, intimate ceremony. We love the look of a black gown with the dark skies across the mountains! Kaitl...

December 21, 2021 / Wedding

Banff Weddings || Kelly & Tim

Fun, Fun, Fun is how we would describe the vibe of Tim and Kelly's elopement. Their guests were uber fabulous and the laugher just bounced off the still waters of Lake Minnewanka. ⁠⁠⁠⁠They met throug...

December 21, 2021 / Wedding
affordable elopement packages alberta

Affordable Elopement Packages Alberta || Tabitha & Zach

Zach traveled to Oklahoma in 2019 to visit some friends. And as you do, you go on Tinder. He matched with a girl named Tabitha. They went on two dates during his stay down south and at the end of tha...

December 18, 2021 / Wedding
eloping in canada

Eloping in Canada || Claudia and Curtis

Curtis sent Claudia a message on Facebook, complimenting her braids. She was hesitant to respond but decided to take a chance. A few days later, their first date was to a Calgary Flames game. And, ye...

December 17, 2021 / Wedding
eloping in banff

Eloping in Banff || Allie & Bipan

Allie and Bipan both began working for the same restaurant company a decade ago, and occasionally, Bipan would work at the same restaurant. But, it still took a year for them to talk once he moved to...

December 16, 2021 / Wedding
banff wedding packages

Banff Wedding Packages || Jaymee & Tanner

Every good love story needs to begin with, "Tanner and I met through the mutual admiration of Tanner’s fantastic hair."⁠⁠We kinda agree 😂⁠⁠Their incredible relationship began four years ago, and it w...

December 15, 2021 / Elopement
alberta elopement

Alberta Elopement || Lindsay & Nolan

When two different friend groups suggest that you'd be perfect for each other, you know you could be on to something...⁠⁠Lindsay and Nolan often attended the same parties but were always on the perif...

December 14, 2021 / Wedding
micro wedding packages alberta

Micro Wedding Packages Alberta || Haley & Shelby

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and you want them to be your friend? That was Haley and Shelby for us ❤️ They met through work, became the closest of friends, and realized...they ...

December 11, 2021 / Wedding
canmore elopement packages

Canmore Elopement Packages || Sonny & Wes

Sonny and Wes looked incredible as they said their vows to each other in the stunning Rocky Mountains. Everything from their ceremony to coordinating attire was so perfect! It was an honour to be a p...

December 10, 2021 / Wedding
places to elope in alberta

Places to Elope in Alberta || Noori and Charan

When your first date lasts 8 hours...you know it's something special. Noori and Charan then met every single day for the next two months after that first, epic date. For the next three years, they di...

December 9, 2021 / Wedding