October 4, 2011 , Wedding


The Loree Photography image is something that I’ve been working on for the last year. I wanted to have it done before Jane came, but naps won me over every spare moment I had while pregnant. After Jane came, I was busy trying to figure out the mom thing…then came wedding season, family photo season…you get the point. Branding my company was something I had to do in-between the photography.

I’m a big believer in packaging and having my clients enjoy the moment their images arrive. The Loree Photography experience should extend far beyond the session and disk of images. I want them to receive something in the mail that makes them excited the moment they see the return address.

I’ve finally finished the foundation of my branding and can’t wait for the remaining pieces to arrive. My website/blog will be relaunched the winter with the same new look. I’m excited because I feel that I’ve finally found my place with photography and with the type of clients I attract. If you are waiting on a package….yours could very well be in this photo!

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