Checking my website stats

December 21, 2011 , Wedding


Checking my website stats is a little like Googling myself….only this is legit business work – or so I tell myself. My hits always spike the day after a wedding when all my awesome brides and grooms’ family and friends check out their images.

There are also some cool surprises and I have to creep on just where my visitors are coming from. One is a blog titled Champagne and Lace: A Two Bride Wedding. I love that this couple are writing about the planning and hurdles of their upcoming wedding. The link came from a photo of one of my beautiful brides from earlier this year. Jessica Wilkinson is a maid of honour for one of the brides. I love the photo that they used of her. It’s my favourite!

Posting a blog on your wedding is a great way to get friends and family excited about your special day. It’s tons of fun and makes for great memories long after the day is over.

I will be following this couple for sure….



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Thanks Loree! I also blog on Weddingbee under Miss Eagle. I loved your photo so much that I wanted to use it over a random Facebook shot of Jess. Thanks so much!!

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