Crowsnest Pass Photographer

June 19, 2018 , Wedding


Crowsnest Pass Photographer

Stephanie and Reilly (and Missy, their dog) are fabulous people. I loved having the chance to photograph their engagement session in the Crowsnest Pass.

Here is their story:

Our story began on Canada Day 2010. During Stephanie’s cousin Shawn’s wedding. We met on a balcony in Kelowna. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my finest moment and I proposed a kiss that didn’t quite hit the target. After a night of courting, Steph decided she wanted to see me again, this time sans alcohol or my friends. This is what I would call our first date. We spent the night walking around the resort talking and eventually settled in some beach chairs and watched the moon rise. I realized Stephanie was a very special person that night. Over the weekend we became more accustomed to each other and for some reason, Stephanie began to like me too.

After the wedding ended and we both went our separate ways, I did the normal thing that a millennial would do and began searching Facebook for Stephanie’s profile (because asking for her phone number face to face was obviously out of the question). After an accepted friend request, we messaged each other for a while until Stephanie made the first move and decided to call me and let me listen to what she called “the quintessential trashy Quebecois accent” (a contractor that was doing renovations in her parents house).

One day I made the decision to go to Quebec, meet her family, and spend four days with a woman I had seen face to face for a total of 12 hours. Yes, a recipe for disaster, but it went surprisingly well and future plans were brewing.

“It must be love” I thought to myself.

Next on the agenda, another brilliant mega test for our relationship, Stephanie decided she would come to Edmonton and move in. Once again, a recipe for disaster, and once again it went surprisingly well (not without a few hiccups along the way). Oh, and she also stayed with me after I decided to randomly go out one day and come home with an adopted border collie cross. Good thing we were all very in love with each other because our family came together that day.

And now is the part where I fast forward; two apartments, one life changing condo purchase in the mountains, one sticky and cold basement suite in Calgary, one townhouse purchase in the suburbs, two backpacking trips in Central America, one in Thailand, and a whole lot more bucket list checking adventures.

Here we are together, ready to let the adventure continue.

Crowsnest Pass Photographer Crowsnest Pass Photographer Crowsnest Pass Photographer Crowsnest Pass Photographer Crowsnest Pass Photographer

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Great photographs! Love the Crowsnest!

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