Dating Diaries

January 1, 2012 , Wedding


I’m pretty sure most of us girls have stories to tell about our dating lives. I have brides who’ve married their high school sweethearts to women who’ve donned a few battle scars in the dating world and are in their 30’s and 40’s.

Myself? I was a 32 year old bride…..with a 31 year old groom (I’m four months older). I strongly believe that every past relationship helps mould us into the type of person we want to be when we meet our future partner.

A friend of mine was thrust into the dating world this year after a relationship didn’t work out (she’s awesome by the way for any of you single men that may be reading this….). As dating can be fun, scary, baffling and hilarious….she decided to blog about it. She recently posted about the last 12 months of dating. It’s a great read and I’m sure we will all see a little of ourselves in it…..I know I did.

Here’s the link…… I get dressed up and go out with losers

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