Coutts Centre Wedding

Shotgun Wedding || Banff Elopement

Shotgun Wedding┬áis the muffin top of the wedding world. Our weddings are just the best bits of the day….and we leave the rest behind!

For the couple who loves the idea of a simple, affordable ceremony, fabulous photos, and the memories of eloping to begin your married lives together. Whether your big wedding plans have changed because of Covid-19, or if you’ve always wanted a private event, a Shotgun Wedding is for you. No matter how you say it – Elopement, Running Away, Micro Wedding, Pop Up Wedding, Tiny Wedding or Shotgun Wedding – this is all about the two of you, and nothing else.

We have options to choose from for packages, or just opt for the simple commissioner and photographer to be with you for an hour. Shotgun Wedding is all about creating your elopement the way you want. This is the celebration for you if your wedding is on hold right now, but you want to get married….because marriage is what matters most to you! Let’s create the perfect tiny wedding for you now and you can have the big blow-out party later. Or, you like the quietness of just you and your fiance, and you want that while you runaway. Or, you have children and want your ceremony to be lighthearted and about coming together as a larger family. Or you just want to be crazy and have a Shotgun Wedding and tell everyone after! Whatever your Shotgun Wedding vision is, we can make it happen.

Want to Elope to Banff? We have the BEST spot for elopements. Canmore? Yup, we do that too! Your backyard? Love it! Banff Elopement!