Alberta Elopement Packages
Alberta Elopement Packages
Lake Louise Elopement Packages - Chateau Lake Louise
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Shotgun Wedding || Banff Elopement || Alberta Elopement Packages

Shotgun Wedding is all about simple, small, fun, and affordable when it comes to elopements. Our $2200 elopement package is priced perfectly to get married in a beautiful location and have incredible photos.

We have planned elopements for and photographed over 1,000 couples in beautiful locations with stunning photos, without breaking the bank. But, we also know that maybe it’s important to have your grandparents there with you, or have your dad walk you in…or maybe you just want your two best friends to witness. Or maybe it is just the two of you. We are all about family and community and know that you might want your people there…or you may just want it to be the two of you. We can accommodate both.

Our one-hour elopement package is all-inclusive and perfect for your Alberta elopement. Whether you want to elope to Banff, have a Banff wedding or have a Lake Louise elopement, elope to Moraine Lake or have a Coutts Centre wedding, we can make it happen. Our Alberta elopement packages are perfect for your tiny wedding. Our cheap elopement packages are perfect for you.

To easily compare all our locations, we have an easy to read PDF Guide Here.



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