Coutts Centre for Western Canadian Heritage

Located 30-minutes south of Calgary, we have two options to choose from at the Coutts Centre. One is our standard one-hour elopement package and the second is a four-hour event that allows you to host your guests with drinks and appies/light meal.

We’ve been photographing at the Coutts Centre for Western Canadian Heritage for about 13 years…when it was just a quiet little farm owned by the late Jim Coutts. We’ve watched the property evolve to the stunning wedding venue it is today, and are always in awe of the beauty of this rural piece of heaven. We know all the best nooks and crannies for incredible photos.

Elope under the cave of trees, as the Southern Alberta breeze wafts around you as you say your vows. With perfectly manicured lawns and a smorgasbord of floral colours, you will be blown away by the beauty of the Coutts Centre for your Shotgun Wedding.

It is an explosion of colour for three seasons a year, with the fourth as a winter wonderland. If you’d like to book your Shotgun Wedding here, it’s a wise move. Clearly, it’s stunning, but it also has a huge gazebo to have your ceremony under if it rains.

Want to easily compare all locations and options in one glance? Download our PDF.




For up to 30 people

What it includes: One-hour private booking at the Coutts Centre, photographer, officiant, chairs, arch, PA system, gazebo for a rain option, washroom facilities, and the Shotgun Wedding team organizing and setting everything up and taking it down after you leave.

Approximately 15 minutes of your package will be photographing your ceremony with the remaining 45 minutes for photos with your guests and the two of you.




For up to 50 people

This is perfect if you want to have cocktails and appies/light meal in the garden with your guests after your ceremony and enjoy their company for a longer period of time.

What it includes: Everything in our standard elopement package plus a four-hour private booking of the Coutts Centre. You are able to serve alcohol and light food (with both a licensed bartender and caterer) and have use of the buildings for getting ready if you wish. It also includes tables and chairs for the party.

Approximately 15 minutes of your package will be photographing your ceremony with the remaining 45 minutes for photos with your guests and the two of you. Photography is only for one hour of this package. If you wish to have more photography time, you can certainly have it as an add-on.

What come couples do with their four-hour package is use the first hour to get ready in one of the buildings on the property, followed by one hour of the ceremony and photos, with the remaining two hours used for your party in the garden with drinks and food. Or, you could have a three-hour party after the ceremony and photos.

Liability insurance and a liquor license in your name are included in this package.


• How many people can we bring? Are kids included in the count?

With the standard elopement, you can have up to 30 people (this includes the two of you, the wedding party, children, etc). For the Garden Party package, you can have up to 50 people. Children are included in the numbers.
You cannot bring more guests than what is listed.

• What is the option for rain?

There is a gorgeous outdoor gazebo that will be transformed for your ceremony in the event of rain.

• Can we serve alcohol and food?

With the standard one-hour elopement package you CANNOT serve this. The exception is a cake or cupcakes for cutting.
With the Garden Party package, you are able to have both. You MUST have a pro-serve bartender serve all alcohol to you and your guests, obtain a liquor license, and only have a licensed caterer serve the food. You are not allowed to bring in food on your own without a licensed caterer.

• What dates are available?

The Coutts Centre is open from May Long Weekend until September 30. Elopements can ONLY take place Monday-Thursday. (They save the weekends for full wedding bookings).

• Why is insurance needed for the Garden Party Package

The Coutts Centre requires liability insurance for this package. Proof of this insurance needs to be given to us to provide to the venue. We've included it in the cost of the package so that you don't need to worry about providing it on your own.

• Do you have recommendations for catering and bartenders

Absolutely! We can help you with all of this after you book and we begin to plan your celebration!

• What doesn't the package include?

You will need to pay for your own drinks and food. We can help you find the perfect company to provide them, but you will have to book and pay for their services.
You will need to provide your own linens (if you wish to have them), cutlery, cups, etc. Most catering companies will have this as an option to rent.

• What will you do to help with the Garden Party?

We will have a coordinator on-hand during the entire four hours to assist with anything you need. We will set up the ceremony site, tables for the party after, any decor you wish to have, help with music on the PA system, and clean up after you leave. We will be there to help the entire time.

• Can we bring dogs?

Yes. As long as they are on a leash the entire time.

• Is there overnight parking?

No camping is allowed and all vehicles will need to leave the premises after your wedding is over.

• Is the Coutts Centre wheelchair assessable?

Yes, it is and the washroom facilities are also assessable as well. This is the perfect venue for anyone with mobility issues.

• Can we tour the Coutts Centre?

You bet! We would love to show you around.