Elope in Waterton




For up to 20 people

Waterton Lakes National Park is a hidden gem of a location. Away from the craziness of Banff National Park, this secluded mountain village in Southern Alberta is perfect for your small wedding. It’s a seasonal location and only open from about May Long Weekend until mid-September.

We only have two days in June and two days in September that we make the trek to Waterton for weddings, so spots are limited.

If it rains, we photograph in the rain 🙂 Waterton elopements go ahead rain or shine in the outdoors. We bring at least three clear umbrellas with us at all times for the couple and the officiant to use, so that photos will be cohesive and gorgeous in the rain…if it happens!

Your package includes your Alberta marriage commissioner, our photographer, and the licenses/permits to be at Waterton Lakes National Park. Approximately 10 minutes of your package will be photographing your ceremony with the remaining 50 minutes for photos of the two of you and any guest group photos you may want.

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• How many people can we bring? Are kids included in the count?

You can have up to 20 people in this location (this includes the two of you, the wedding party, children, etc).

• What is the option for rain?

We guarantee at least three clear umbrellas for the couple and the officiant to use. This way the photos look cohesive and amazing. Weddings go ahead rain or shine. There is not an indoor option for Waterton

• What dates are available?

Waterton is a seasonal town where everything is open from May to September. We only go to Waterton a couple of times a year. Twice in June and twice in September.

• Is this location good for strollers and wheelchairs?


• Can we arrive separately and not see each other before the ceremony?


• Can we serve alcohol

No. Although we do allow for fun champagne pops for photos with the couple.

• Can we have decor or an arch?

At Waterton, we use nature as our backdrop and our ceremonies are standing only. Because they are short and simple, it makes sense to focus on the vows and the incredible views the area has to offer. We do not allow decor or arches at this location.

• Waterton Lakes National Park Pass

Everyone who enters a National Park in Canada must pay for a park pass. Waterton Lakes National Park is the same. You and your guests are responsible for this cost. You can purchase in advance online, or at the gates when you enter Waterton Lakes National Park. Prices range from $10.50/adult to $21/family.

• Can we bring dogs?

Yes, but they have to be on a leash.