Gift ideas for Mountain Weddings

April 4, 2022 , Wedding


Our reason for creating these products was simple. We wanted to layer your celebration experience long after you’ve left Banff National Park. We have the perfect gift ideas for mountain weddings.

Many years ago when I attended a wedding in Penticton, BC with my then-boyfriend (now husband), we arrived at our hotel room and were greeted with a gorgeous gift basket with local treats, maps, water, and snacks. The couple wanted to welcome their small gathering of guests that had traveled and invested their time and money to help them celebrate. That was probably 14 years ago and it still resonates with me. So much so, that we did the same thing for our wedding 12 years ago.

It kicked off our party weekend perfectly and it showed how much our hosts appreciated the effort it took for us to be there.


Our bath and body product line is the first launch in a series of amazing items that we will be making this year. They have been created in mind as the perfect gifts for yourself, your guests, or your fiance. They are also amazing for anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, etc.

Why scented products?


When I was young, my grandparents retired to Creston, BC and our family would drive there each summer to visit them. This road trip each summer was one of the highlights of my year. I LOVED the mountains. Being from a ranch in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, I was used to the rolling prairies, but Banff National Park called my name at a very early age. As soon as we drove into Calgary and I could see the mountains in the distance, I felt like I was in the place I was always meant to be. I didn’t really understand those feelings at the time, because I was young….but now I know that the connection I had to the mountains then, meant that I needed to be near them for the rest of my life.


I distinctly remember the smell. Mostly the smell in the morning. My family are early risers and would load into our 1988 Ford Tempo at 7:30 a.m. to get breakfast and be on the road to our next destination. The mountain smell first thing in the morning is crisp and sharp. I would deeply inhale and just want to carry that scent with me forever. We would visit my grandparents and then head back home after a few days. I would watch out the car window for hours as we passed through the mountains and have a profound sadness as I watched Banff National Park become a distant memory for another year.

What I didn’t know at that age is that my life would eventually bring me back. That I would call the mountains home for my business and celebrate marriage for hundreds of couples that also get to deeply inhale that crisp mountain air….just as I did as a child. I wanted to bottle that smell up. And now I have.


Shotgun Wedding is now in the beginning stage of offering product lines that celebrate Banff National Park. Our first products are a candle, sugar scrub, room and linen spray, Epsom salt soak, and bath bombs. They are hand-crafted using local pine varieties and made to invoke memories of your time in the mountains.

We want to celebrate your experience there long after you’ve returned home.We are very excited to offer these products locally at The Hive – Nanton – A Local Hub in Nanton and with local pick-up at our Shotgun Wedding Canmore residential office. Or order online.

So if you are looking for bridal shower gift ideas, wedding gift ideas, wedding day gifts for your fiance, or welcome guests for your wedding guests, we have you covered. It doesn’t matter if you are a Shotgun Wedding client or not….these “Scents of Banff National Park” products are perfect for any celebration.


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