Lake Louise Elopement

September 22, 2020 , Elopement


We offer elopements near the Chateau Lake Louise by the lake. Your Lake Louise Elopement can take place Monday-Thursday in June, September or October. We don’t do Lake Louise Elopements on weekends or in July and August due to the swarms of people and the massive parking issues that happen during those dates. If you are thinking about Lake Louise, we suggest early morning and later evening

We offer elopements near the Chateau Lake Louise by the lake.

Loree Photography will be your photographer for your elopement. With over a decade in the wedding industry and over 700 weddings photographed, you can trust that we will do beautiful work photographing your wedding. Shotgun Wedding and Loree Photography are both owned by us 🙂

Your package includes your Alberta marriage commissioner, Loree Photography as your photographer and permits and licenses to have an elopement at Lake Louise. Approximately 15 minutes of your package will be your ceremony with the remaining 45 minutes for photos of the two of your (and your guests if you wish).


If I had a family member who is a photographer and wanted them to take my wedding photos is there an option to take out loree photography and if so would there be a price difference?

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