Canmore (Three Sisters) Necklace

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.925 Sterling Silver Pendant
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This is "your mountain." The place you were married at. The place you said yes at. The mountain you hiked and it's remained embedded in your mind. The Three Sisters Mountains is the place you will never forget. It's your spot.

At Shotgun Wedding we know what it it's like to be sentimental. Memories are created with sight, sound, touch and smell.

We personally designed these .925 sterling silver pendants in the likeness of the peaks that will forever call your name.

The three peaks in Canmore were named in 1883 as the Three Nuns because of heavy snow that left a veil of white on the northern face of the three mountains. In 1886 they were renamed the Three Sisters. Individually, they are called the Big Sister, Middle Sister and the Little Sister.

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