Elopement Ceremony Ideas

February 10, 2021 , Wedding


Elopement Ceremony Ideas can come from anywhere. We’ve hosted nearly 150 elopements since Covid hit in March and every ceremony has been unique. The ones that bring in the culture of the couple are always my favourite. We’ve been privileged to be a part of several First Nations ceremonies and we loved watching ceremonial blankets being placed around the couple, elders conducting the ceremony, smudges, sage, feathers, and poems.

We’ve had couples from all over the globe get married and we’ve been witness to their customs and culture. Hand tying, pagan rituals, readings, and more have made our ceremonies unique.

With our elopements you can still have someone walk you down the aisle, have a wedding party, ring bearers and flower girls. You can do all that still and not give it up just because it’s a small celebration!

Bring your culture to your ceremony
Run away. Just the two of you!
Even with elopements, you can have someone walk you down the aisle!
Say your own vows!
Have your adult kids be your witnesses!
Embrace the rain!
Our Lake Minnewanka ceremony location
Have kids involved

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